Fogler Consulting was established in 2006 by Eddie Fogler, a former National Coach of the Year with 30 years of Division I coaching experience. For the past 12 years, universities and colleges have turned to Fogler Consulting for trusted expert insight into the world of collegiate basketball coaching searches and recruitment. Fogler has successfully placed dozens of college coaches across the nation at all levels of Division I basketball.

Fogler Consulting offers:
  • Accurate recruitment information and statistics.
  • A powerful list of contacts and resources.
  • Valuable advice for men’s basketball coaching searches.
  • A unique perspective that is sure to help find your next basketball coach.
  • Customized consultation to meet the needs of each college or university

Why partner with Fogler Consulting?

When your school teams with Fogler Consulting, you can expect nothing but the utmost professional and ethical standards in searching for your basketball coach candidates. We conduct all processes based on the values and standards of the university with which we are working.


Confidentiality is a crucial component for any coaching search to be successful. At Fogler Consulting, schools and coaches can rest assured that Coach Fogler is the only individual involved in the sharing of information between clients and candidates. Protecting the client and the candidates is the number one, essential priority at Fogler Consulting.

What to Expect

When it comes to finding a basketball coach for your program, we understand that not all universities and colleges have the same needs. Fogler Consulting prides itself in listening to what the school’s wants and expectations are of a coach and finding the right candidate to meet that institution’s needs. As a member of the college coaching fraternity for more than 30 years, Coach Fogler can provide a unique perspective with accurate information of candidates to ensure the right match is being considered.

Our Contacts

With a basketball career that spans more than three decades, Eddie Fogler has developed extensive contacts and relationships, connecting him to hundreds of coaches and administrators at all levels of intercollegiate athletics. At Fogler Consulting, we have the ability to obtain accurate information and expert opinions on any candidate. Eddie Fogler’s background allows clients to gain significant insider insight that is a critical part to a successful recruiting process.